Exhibiting Terms

Basic Terms and Contract Provisions for Exhibitors

1. Definitions

- "Exhibition" refers to the "2025 Ningbo International Stationery Exhibition".

- "Organizer" refers to Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

- "Exhibitor" refers to any entity that has obtained a booth at the exhibition according to the contract.

- "Booth" refers to the space allocated to the exhibitor and the stand constructed on it.

- "Exhibits" refers to the items displayed at the exhibitor's booth.

- "Exhibition Hall" refers to the hall and related areas or rooms associated with the exhibition.

- "Designated Service Provider" refers to the entity or its employees hired by the exhibition hall operator or the organizer to manage, construct, assemble, or provide other services for the booths during the exhibition.

2. Exhibition Floor Plan and Booth Allocation

The exhibition floor plan is drawn by the organizer according to the structure of the exhibition hall. The contract signed between the exhibitor and the organizer must specify the booth number, area, type, fees, and payment method.

If the exhibitor fails to make the payment as stipulated in the contract, the organizer has the right to refuse to extend or cancel the booth requirements specified in the contract.

All booth selection will follow the principle of "first payment, first selection," but the organizer reserves the right to make the final booth allocation based on the classification of the exhibitors' products.

The dimensions and arrangement of the floor plan and booths are as accurate as possible, but the organizer may make changes to the floor plan or booth arrangement if deemed necessary.

3. Changes or Cancellation of the Exhibition

If the products displayed by the exhibitor do not match the exhibits submitted in the contract, or if the exhibits are not within the scope specified by the organizer, or if the exhibitor engages in retail activities at the exhibition site, the organizer has the right to cancel their booth and order the removal of the exhibits from the exhibition site without refunding the exhibition fees.

The organizer reserves the right at any time to cancel the exhibition, reduce the scale of the exhibition, change the venue, split the exhibition into one or more exhibitions, merge multiple exhibitions into one, extend, shorten, or reschedule the exhibition.

If the exhibitor violates any obligations specified in this contract, including but not limited to respecting the organizer's rights and legally protected content and interests, the organizer has the right to revoke the booth and the exhibitor shall pay the organizer a penalty equivalent to the exhibition fee.

If the exhibitor fails to fulfill their payment obligations to the organizer or violates the exhibition terms regarding the use of the exhibition site, they will no longer be entitled to participate in the exhibition, and the organizer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract.

4. Exhibitor Cancellation or Breach of Contract

Exhibitors are not allowed to arbitrarily terminate or cancel any agreed booth or related services in this contract. If the exhibitor unilaterally terminates or cancels the contract:

a) If the exhibitor notifies the organizer of the cancellation three months before the start date of the exhibition, regardless of the reason, all paid fees will not be refunded.

b) If the exhibitor notifies the organizer of the cancellation within three months before the start date of the exhibition, the exhibitor is responsible for paying the full exhibition fee.

5. Force Majeure

The organizer shall not be liable for any breach, non-performance, or delayed performance caused by events beyond their reasonable control, including but not limited to natural disasters, fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, heavy rain or other natural disasters, strikes or labor disputes, computer server failures or related issues, outbreaks of disease, epidemics or quarantine restrictions, travel restrictions, actions of any government, civil or military authority, embargoes, wars, riots or civil disturbances, and material shortages (collectively referred to as "Force Majeure"). In such cases, the exhibitor is not entitled to terminate or cancel the contract, nor can they make any other claims, especially for damages, against the organizer.

6. Intellectual Property and Image Recording

Exhibitors guarantee that their exhibits, packaging, and related public materials do not infringe or violate any third-party rights, including trademark rights, copyrights, designs, names, and registered or unregistered patents. The organizer is not responsible for verifying whether the products infringe on others' intellectual property rights. Disputes arising from intellectual property issues are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and are unrelated to the organizer.

If the exhibits, printed materials, promotional materials, or other items of the exhibitor are infringed upon by other exhibitors, the organizer has the right to remove or confiscate the infringing exhibits, printed materials, or promotional materials from the exhibition.

Only individuals authorized by the organizer and holding valid credentials are allowed to photograph, sketch, or videotape in the exhibition hall. Violators may be required to hand over recorded materials and may face further legal action. The organizer has the right to own photographs, drawings, films, and videos of exhibits made during the exhibition and to use them in advertisements or general media publications.

7. Exhibitor Badges

During the exhibition, each 3 square meter booth is entitled to one free exhibitor badge. Exhibitor badge information must be submitted to the organizer ten days before the start date of the exhibition; otherwise, the organizer will charge RMB 50 per badge. All exhibitor badges are numbered, non-transferable, and cannot be given or sold to unauthorized third parties.

8. Other Provisions

The organizer reserves the right to interpret, change, and revise any part of these terms and conditions, and to issue additional rules (including but not limited to the "Exhibitor Manual" issued by the organizer and the "Exhibition Hall Manual" issued by the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center) as deemed necessary to ensure the normal conduct of the exhibition.

Without special approval from the organizer, exhibitors are not allowed to dismantle or remove their booths or exhibits before the official end time on the last day of the exhibition.

Exhibitors may only distribute promotional materials within their booth area and are not allowed to advertise, demonstrate, or solicit business in any other part of the exhibition venue. Exhibits and advertising signs must not be placed outside their booth.

9. Applicable Laws and Terms

This contract is governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China.

The following terms apply to exhibitors registered in China:

Any disputes, controversies, or claims arising directly from this contract ("Disputes"), or related to the content of this contract, or arising from breach, termination, or invalidity of this contract, shall first be settled through friendly negotiation between the parties. If a friendly resolution cannot be reached, either party has the right to bring a lawsuit to the court with jurisdiction where the organizer is registered.

The following terms apply to exhibitors registered outside of China: If there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this contract, the Chinese version shall prevail.