Notice for Exhibitors

Exhibit Categories

- Writing Instruments: Fountain pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, gel pens, oil-based pens, markers, highlighters, whiteboard markers.

- Office Supplies: Document management, desktop supplies, financial supplies, binding equipment, presentation and auxiliary supplies, computer peripherals, office consumables, office equipment.

- Paper and Paper Products: Notebooks, stickers and labels, office paper, paper packaging, paper crafts.

- Art Materials: Drawing and sketching pens, art paints, drawing materials, art tools, framing supplies, traditional Chinese stationery.

- Study and Teaching Supplies: Bags, correction supplies, study tools, sports equipment, teaching instruments, teaching aids, multimedia teaching equipment.

- Office Life Supplies: Labor protection supplies, cleaning supplies, office appliances, coffee and tea drinks, daily necessities, office furniture.

- Equipment and Accessories: Automated production equipment, printing machinery, packaging machinery, testing equipment, pen parts, ink and chemical raw materials, new materials.

- Cultural and Creative Products and Licensing: Cultural creative products, anime IP licensing, game IP licensing, licensed derivatives, cultural and creative licensing, brand licensing.

- Educational and DIY Products: Educational toys, creative DIY products.

- Gifts and Groceries: Business gifts, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, promotional gifts, gift stationery, giveaways, household sundries.

Exhibitor Instructions

1. This is a trade show and does not accept any companies or individuals with the purpose of retailing. Please ensure that your products fall within the exhibit categories of this show, otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse your products from being displayed.

2. You can directly submit your exhibition application online by registering for the exhibition, or you can contact us directly to confirm your exhibition requirements. Phone: +86-18352955914.

3. After your exhibition application is reviewed and confirmed, please promptly transfer the payment to the following account to confirm your booth.

Payment Account Information

- Account Name: Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

- Bank: China Merchants Bank Ningbo Branch Business Department

- Account Number: 5749 0864 8410 601